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Pillion seat

Has anyone had an experience with this outfit in India or previously ordered this rear pillion seat?

If so, how did it go? Usable or waste of money?


Re: Pillion seat

Very strange... This is not an Indian copy, but this is an original Lycett pillion seat with rear springs. I can't imagine that this is the one they will send to you... especially as they say they have 7 of them in stock. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Just have a look at this thread...

If you're looking for a good replica, please send me an email...


email (option): wd.register(at)

Re: Pillion seat

A friend bought one, it was not the one in the picture.
Absolute rubbish it is.

Buy Jans

Re: Pillion seat

Darren C
A friend bought one, it was not the one in the picture.
Absolute rubbish it is.

Buy Jans
And by virtue the seller is still scamming obviously your friend did not provide negative feed back then lodge a complaint to Evilbay and to pay pal.

Pay pal will refund your money & evilbay will ban the vendor.
Pay pal may also suspend or freeze the vendors pay pal account.
Iknow this because I got a long sob story from vendor in Hong Kong about how their account was frozen & they basically went bust because of it.

I buy a lot of stuff off evilbay and regularly send negative feed back if the product is not as advertised and particularly if the vendor can not count and short supplies.

You have 3 months to post feedback ut only 1 month to ammend it.
So once you put up negative feedback things tend to happen very fast.

And the best a vendor ever gets is an upgrade from negative to neutral with a note than the problem was solved or refund sent.

Just like email ,scammers these cowboys get away with it cause the buying public is too bone lazy to do anything about it.
I just about had to forse the fingers of a friend who bought a shoddy tank onto the keyboard to make a complaint.
End of the story was he was refunded the full purchase price including freight and still kept the tank because Evilbay instructed the vendor to forward the return freight to my friend before he posted the tank back which they never did.

email (option):

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