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Royal enfield eng/frame bolt drawings and rear carrier drawings

Hi guys I have collected the remains of 3 wd/Co royal enfields, with enough bits to build two good ones. I'm missing lots of the frame and eng bolts. I was wondering if anyone has drawings, to the effect of being able to manufacture them? The bikes I have are all missing the rear lugage/pannier frame, so any drawings would be appreciated.
Regards Chris Boswell

email (option): Bozc-l@hotmail. Com

Re: Royal enfield eng/frame bolt drawings and rear carrier drawings

Chris, you may not be aware that Hitchcocks Motorcycles carry a large range of spares for the WD/CO including the rear carrier. Hitchcocks mostly cater for post-War Enfields but they do carry and re-manufacture parts for older models on a 'demand' basis (ie, enough demand, they'll do it!) and they now hold the entire stock of Factory Parts Drawings as far as can be established. Go to the website and check on "Parts Books Online" for exploded parts drawings and availability. Usefully, the Enfield Parts Books list studs and bolts by diameter and length and this is included in the online listings.
REgards, Mark

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