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Video of a build

Hi all, I am finally putting my basket case bike back together and was wondering if anyone could direct me to a site that has a video of a M 20 build. I looked on Youtube but did not find one. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Rob.

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Re: Video of a build

Nope, I don’t there is one. You now have a golden opportunity to be the first one to make one. 😀

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Re: Video of a build

I was busy making a video on youtube. I also did one of my jeep a few years ago. But since i still missed a few correct parts the video is not online yet

Re: Video of a build

On a related aspect, I have in the past found it extremely useful to have a video camera to hand when dismantling an unfamiliar bike I am restoring. I take stills as well but the video sound track is really helpful for making notes to yourself. Good for showing sequences etc.

Of cpourse its even easier these days as most phones have video facilities

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