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'How are the mighty fallen'....

I can't help feeling a pang of nostalgia when I see a photo like this....I can well remember the Saturday morning deliveries of new BSAs to my local bike shop....Ian

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Re: 'How are the mighty fallen'....

Nice one Ian!


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Re: 'How are the mighty fallen'....

Some time ago I did some research on the bombing of the BSA factory during the Birmingham blitz. See this thread on the Birmingham History Forum...


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Re: 'How are the mighty fallen'....

My paternal grandmother was working at the BSA the night it was bombed. She survived but she had to leave her best friend behind to die, trapped beneath a machine and screaming for help asking people to think of her children. I never met my paternal gran; she died before I was born having drunk kitchen cleaner.

War..what is it good for?

Re: 'How are the mighty fallen'....

Funny coincidence that my Paternal Grandfather committed suicide by drinking a bottle of Lysol (disinfectant) on Brighton beach some time around 1931. He had got his wife and another woman pregnant at the same time and couldn't face the consequences. I sometimes wonder if his experiences as a WW1 ambulance driver helped tip him over the edge......

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