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B33 base gasket

Hi all merry xmas. I am rebuilding a 1951 b33 engine. On the engine exploded diagram it shows two cylinder base gaskets. I figure its one metal gasket and one paper gasket. My question is does the paper gasket fit to the top of the metal gasket or underneath it?

Re: B33 base gasket

There is only one gasket shown in the exploded view and gasket sets on Draganfly's website. Maybe there was a decompression plate available? Ian will know. Ron

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Re: B33 base gasket

There was a steel decompression plate...This was not required as the octane of the petrol improved. Just fit a single paper gasket with some jointing compound applied.

I usually put some compound on the crank case and barrel faces and then fit the gasket to the barrel, before refitting the barrel..

It's easier than trying to fit the barrel through the gasket while you are concentrating on the ring clamps etc.

Also, don't forget to lap the barrel to head face with some fine grinding paste before fitting the barrel to the engine (no head gasket is used)...Ian

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