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Dispatch rider’s helmet cost?

Anyone purchase a dispatch rider’s helmet recently? I’ve seen a couple at my local surplus shops for around $300usd... seems steep. What are they going for now? Thanks!

Re: Dispatch rider’s helmet cost?

Hi Mando,

It depends on a few things;

- Size? Up to 7 3/8 the steel helmets had the smaller shell. From 7 1/2 upwards they can fit our melonheads so they are more interesting, so more expensive. As 75 years ago men were significantly smaller, larger size helmet are scarcer so harder to find these days
- Steel or pulp? The early pulp helmets are also scarcer and some people like them better than the heavy steel ones.
- Date? WW2 dated ones are more valuable for a rivet counter than postwars
- BMB or BS? British or Canadian? There were several manufacturers but BMB produced the most steel helmets (I think) or at least BMB helmets are more available these days.
- Last but not least, a surplus shop needs to earn a living so expect to pay more with them than with private owners.
- I know that in some countries you're allowed to legally wear them when riding your motorcycle on publice roads, but they must be original so replica's are illegal. Safety is another discussion.......



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