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Matchless G3L - Torque Settings


I got myself a new Tekton Torque Wrench (3/8) and I am wondering now what I can do with it on a 1941 Matchless G3L.

I understand from the manuals that the Torque for the Rocker Box bolts will be 26 PSI.
What else can I use this for? Is there a different setting for the cylinder head?

Any advice is going to be extremely helpful

Pratap Henry

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Re: Matchless G3L - Torque Settings


Re: Matchless G3L - Torque Settings

I wonder if Pratap means Lb Ft (pounds-foot)? I would have to refer to my manuals, but I can't remember seeing any torque settings listed. But I would think that 26 lb ft would be a bit heavy for 5/16" rocker box bolts. (If I remember the size correctly?)

Pratap PSI is 'pounds per square inch' which is what we use for pumping up our tyres. Do you use the BAR system in India?

Here is a handy chart for guidance.


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Re: Matchless G3L - Torque Settings

Yes, the manual is very helpful......"tighten until the bolts are home"!

Re: Matchless G3L - Torque Settings

The 1953 Army manual on the wartime G3L simply states "use an 8" tommy bar and tighten when cold, and again when warm"

For the rocker box bolts nothing is mentioned. The only torque setting I have seen is for the Big end nuts, 210 lbs.

Cheers, Lex

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