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Carby problem

Hi fellas,

I bought a 1946 BSA M21 with a side car attached a couple of weeks ago.

It has been previously restored but sat unridden in a shed for about 3 years.

I have started the bike and it idles quite well but only if the mixture screw is turned all the way in. Turn the mixture screw out half a turn and the engine stalls.

It is running a type 276 Amal carby which I have dismantled and cleaned and blown out with compressed air but the problem persists.

I will probably buy a new carby but in the mean time does any one have any ideas on how to fix this?



Re: Carby problem

Hello Neil,

Did you also clean out the gas tank, petcock filters (if any) and fuel lines? Quite a lot of goop will collect in them after three years.


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Re: Carby problem

Hi Allan,

Yes, done everything you mentioned



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