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Amal 276 settings etc to run

Hi Guys,

Not long got a Royal Enfield wo/co and got it going and went for my first run.
I had to start it on full advance but the engine revved very high.
On retarding the mag the engine stops, back on to advance and it runs....umm
Adjusted the throttle stop screw to lift the slideto get a tickover on retard but soon as you touch the throttle it dies.
Road it but it's not easy having to retard it to stand at traffic lights revving that high.
I've looked on the internet but struggling to find how to set a 276 up from scratch.
Could someone point me in the right direction -please to get some info...
i.e is the pilot screw 1.3/4 turns out???

I'm not 'engine wise' yet so still learning!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Re: Amal 276 settings etc to run

There is no point trying to set the carb up unless the timing is correct statically so the first thing to do is check that (and make sure you know whether it has slack or tight wire advance.

Perhaps a stupid question..are you using the choke correctly ? (I don't know what your experience is with). You need to pull the choke slide up for normal running (tight wire).

What is the recent history of the bike ? Has it been standing ? Lack of tickover / response to the mixture screw are usually due to blocked jets and drillings in the jet block. The 276 is not as easy to strip as a later carb and it has to be done thoroughly.

From memory, 1 to 1 1/2 turns out for the pilot air screw, but 1/2 a turn either way will not cause the extreme symptoms that you're describing.

Re: Amal 276 settings etc to run

If you have the correct magdyno setup for a WD/CO it should be slack wire advance. ie push lever away for full advance. A picture of the left side of your mag would confirm. Ron

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Re: Amal 276 settings etc to run

Hi Gentlemen,
Thank you for your response and information.
After posting on forum I removed plug and fitted a new one supplied with the bike Champion L86C i've fitted, warmed it with lighter first.
Went first kick.
Tried the retard position and open throttle , it died again.
Kicked over several times, would not fire.
Removed plug, it was bone-dry, not wet with petrol. Put it back.
Removed pilot screw and kicked over, loads or fuel coming out of intake.
Removed plug , bone-dry again.
Removed carb and stripped, all looked and blew clear except very fine jet hole seemed blocked. cleared with very fine nozzle cleaner (I'm an engineer) don't panic !!
Was very very careful !
Started to rebuild but ran out of time now until tomorrow evening.
Will keep you in touch.
Advance/retard wire tight when pushed away causing engine to rev. Lifts the plate in the mag up to clockwise rotation.
Choke tight wire, slide raised, checked.

Many many thanks,

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