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2 magneto questions

In a previous post, a few years ago, we figured out that my magneto's threads (at the taper) had been turned down and rethreaded at a smaller diameter, poorly. The homemade nut could not hold the gear on appropriately.

I found a parts magneto on ebay, and would like to get mine working correctly using some of those parts. It seems that I will need to ship it off to someone... but I don't want to send both mags. I would like to disassemble them, and put the parts that I would like refurbished together for the shipping process...

So, two questions:

1. Is there a good rebuilder anywhere in the US? I keep googling and finding references to retired guys who aren't interested, or defunct contacts...There is someone fairly near me in California who restores old tractor mags, but I don't sense that he feels confident about doing this job, or even wants to.

2. How to disassemble? If you need to work on a mag, do you already have that specific tool shown in one of the manuals (shaped like a thick, elongated staple)? Do you just build one of those? Or is there another good workaround?

Thank you,

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Re: 2 magneto questions

I found the tool on ebay, so I now have that sorted, but am still interested to know if anyone has someone they can recommend in the US...?

email (option): nicktogbs AT

Re: 2 magneto questions

Dear Nick

Living in Hong Kong I didn't have the option of using a local guy and I ended up sending mine to a person in Australia, and he did an amazing job al he specialized in Lucas magnetos. I first tried the UK but the magnetos are not allowed to be shipped out of the EU, a fairly recent issue, although that might change after Brexit. If you =want a proper job doing I would pay the postage and send it to am expert.



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