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Rust in peace

I came across this the other day only a few miles from my house and thought the forum members might get a kick out of it. It's mine now and i hope to extract a few useable bit's off it for my wm20 restoration, that i havent been able to find before. The history i know off it, is that it was put up for sale 12 years ago and brought by the last owner. It was rusty at this point it did still have some paint on it but was too much work for him, and sadly he then left it out side his workshop until i got it, this has just about finished it off. It's a real pity because it seems when it was last used it was still in military trim even down to the wd tyres! And even worse it has matching engine and frame numbers!

The bit's i want off it are small so i might replace these with ones of equally crusty nature as the rest of the bike, and keep it as an art piece. Though getting the wife to let me hang it on the wall in the living room might be a bit tricky.

It is amazing how rusty it has become, outstanding to be honest but it shows you how bad things can get given the right conditions.

For those that are interested the frame number is wm20 107053 i believe that this was another of the southern Irish army ones.

I had some other title captions to mind like: That will buff out and Caution acid rain, but the one used seemed most appropriate


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Re: Rust in peace

Grown men are breaking down in tears at this moment, Grahame ! How can people do such a thing ?

Are you on the west coast of somewhere ? It must take salt combined with rain to do that ?

Re: Rust in peace

I picked up a 1949 BSA B31 last year that had been in a garden for over 50 years and that was in better condition then this one.

Re: Rust in peace

I dont't think forum members get a kick out off these pictures, Grahame.
Maybe the crankshaft is still usable.

Re: Rust in peace

The tire is fascinating, never seen one before. I guess this bike is in the same condition as the motorcycles in the Thistlegorm.


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Re: Rust in peace

On HMVF, it was indicated that the red dot on wartime tyres indicated synthetic rubber.

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