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India 1940.

Re: India 1940.

India Office Nortons with the characteristic front mudguard grab-handle. It's difficult to see if they have the '37 or '38 pattern engines - the one on the right looks to have a smoother mag chain cover indicating the later version which India received.

Re: India 1940.

It would have been interesting to hear what the Indian mechanics/minders in the background were saying about the sahibs on the Nortons! One of them seems quite amused so their comments may not have been complimentary!

Re: India 1940.

Nice, and mirrors in use, I wonder if that was an Indian bylaw or just an aid for the instructors?


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Re: India 1940.

Rob, I've seen one image of a pre-war India bike with a mirror - and the other one in the photo doesn't ! This is all that I have, from about a it seems to have featured but not been the norm


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