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Splitting crank

Hi my shed trying to split the crank of a b33. I’ve followed the tech section on making a jig etc. Got the nuts off but no luck splitting the crank. I’ve tried hard wood wedges and heat but it’s not budging. Any tips appreciated.

Re: Splitting crank

The crank pin has a key way and key fitted on the drive side but not on the timing side....So, hold the drive side main shaft firmly in a vice (using soft jaws) with the timing side flywheel uppermost and the drive side wheel resting on the vice jaws...Then strike the rim of the timing side wheel firmly with a hide mallet opposite the big end....This will break the taper between the wheel and the crank pin and the timing side wheel can then be lifted off...

Next remove the con rod, cage and big end rollers....

Now turn the drive side flywheel over and rest it across the vice jaws with the drive side shaft uppermost and the crankpin facing down between the vice jaws...Using the hide mallet again (or a copper mallet) apply a sharp blow to the end of the crankpin...This will drive the pin, with its key, out of the flywheel...

In both cases it is probably a good idea to refit the big end nut and screw it on far enough by hand so that it is just clear of the face of the flywheel...This will protect the crankpin thread while you give it the initial blow to break the taper...Once that is done the nut can be removed again...

NOTE...No application of heat is required to carry out this procedure, nor is it recommended...Ian

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Re: Splitting crank

Before you do split them, get a set square and scribe a line across both wheels it will give you a ahead start when re-aligning.

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