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Amal air filter (Pre-war?)


I have a rather incomplete Amal air filter. It's quite small, about 4" across and it's missing the part that is fitted to the carburetor. Does any of you have info of what the rest of the filter looks like? Or better has anybody the missing part for sale?



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Re: Amal air filter (Pre-war?)

Hi Henk I posted a photo on the forum of one on 26 March on the inside there was a prong type holder which I wrapped filter material around, in the past I think a cartridge would have been used hope this helps Bryon

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Re: Amal air filter (Pre-war?)

Hi Bryon,

Yes that's very helpful, I hadn't seen the photo in your post yet. I will see if I can make the missing part myself if I can't find the original parts.


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