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Girder fork greasing

Is there any opinion on how often girder forks should be greased? I used to do it on the now & again principle but I've just had the forks rebushed & was wondering how often others might think it should be done. The bike sees average road usage.

Re: Girder fork greasing

A subject that has come up before, at certain periods the manuals say don't use grease but a heavy oil.

The bottom line is they need to be lubricated at all times the machine is in use, otherwise they will be wearing.


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Re: Girder fork greasing

I grease mine regularly since I changed the fork bushes some years back

Cheap maintenance & takes just minutes to do

Especially if i’m Planning big miles on it


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Re: Girder fork greasing

Using thick oil makes sense to me.
It would spread better over the surface, don't you think ?

Re: Girder fork greasing

Norton didn't ever change their recommendation to use grease but as I recall, the Norton fork is better provided with nipples and less likely to suffer from an unequal distribution.

The greatest risk with oil I suspect is that if it's pumped in hard, it is more likely to find its way onto the side-damper friction discs. This can of course be a problem when using grease.

Little and often is the best policy.

Re: Girder fork greasing

I use marine grease because it stands up to the elements much better.
Got a small grease gun and each nipple gets 1 pump every time the bike gets used ( if I remember )

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