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Rifle mounts?

For army motorcyclists using Enfield rifles, were there mounting provisions incorporated on WD M20s or did they just strap it on somewhere?

Re: Rifle mounts?

Never say never, but to my knowledge a rifle was not normally fitted to a motorcycle (other than a Big 4 outfit). A motorcyclist might wear a pistol holster and we have seen a couple of pictures of riders carrying a Sten gun by it's sling.

Better buy a Harley! You can carry a Tommy gun, baseball bat and glove, and a wailing sireen.


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Re: Rifle mounts?

There is an original picture of an M20 with a rifle carried on the side, but it predates pannier bags so that may be why it was discontinued, we discussed it in a previous thread, this could be it but I will have to reload the pictures.


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Re: Rifle mounts?



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