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Carby question

Reworking my carburetor and had a question. Is the brass section shown in the photo supposed to be a really tight fit into the carb body? Seems like it shouldn't require as much force as it has to get it in and out.


Re: Carby question

That's the jet block and it can often be very tight and you have to be careful not to distort it when drifting it out. It's best to heat the carb in boiling water or blow lamp first.

Don't forget to poke this hole out with a piece of wire, and its corresponding hole in the jet block. Ron


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Re: Carby question

Thanks Ron, you were correct as usual. The jet block was ever so slightly distorted. A slight tweak and it went right in. Also, I would have forgotten to clean that port if you hadn’t mentioned it! Carb is back on the bike and she fired right up! Thanks again!


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