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WM20 oil return on side stand.

Hello guys,
Always before I start riding, I take a look into the oil tank,
To see that oil is spitting back.

I noticed that when the bike leans to the left on the side stand, the return spit stops.
Logically, it is because the oil needs to fill the small space at the bottom of the sump
Till it reaches the oil pump to be pumped back to the tank, and the oil from the feed line still does it’s job,
Oiling the cam spindle, the bigend and mist the engine with oil,
But just to be sure, it is safe, right?... (-:


Re: WM20 oil return on side stand.

I think your conclusion and logic are absolutely correct Noam. Ron

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Re: WM20 oil return on side stand.

Thank you Ron ! :smiley:


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