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Lucas MO1 magneto clutch

I have just rebuilt my spare magneto and fitted a Brightspark condenser. It all went well and i followed the instructions on how to cut out the old faulty Lucas condenser.
It now has a nice big long spark at low revolutions so i think it should be OK.
I am about to fit the clutch to the fibre wheel, for years i have always lightly grease this and also put a small amount of grease on the gear teeth then let the dynamo gear spread it about the rest of the teeth. I have never had any bother with this over the last 30 odd years messing about with MO1s.
I have just been informed from a guy who seems to know his stuff that you should build the clutch dry, also never put any grease on the fibre gear teeth either. I always thought that the fibre gear was made this way to cut down on noise, greasing this cannot do any harm i would have thought.
So before i fit the clutch i would like your thoughts on this please.

Tim W

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Re: Lucas MO1 magneto clutch

All the rebuilt mags I have supplied (around 300-350 units) have had grease applied as you describe...That's about all I can say on that subject...

Regarding the circular plate that fits under the clutch spring I fit a thicker, more heavy duty version which is less prone to distortion and IMO is a worthwhile upgrade...I've had those laser cut..

Contact me off forum if you'd like me to put one in the post tomorrow...Ian

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