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UK Ethanol in petrol survey

I received this e-mail about Ethanol in petrol in the UK.

Dear All, I learnt yesterday that the response from motorcyclists with machines over 25 years old to the FBHVC survey had been much lower than that hoped for. This is disappointing because it weakens the Federation’s lobbying influence on our behalf with the government on this and future matters related to our interests: crudely put, representative numbers do matter!
However, all is not lost yet, there is still time for you to make your contribution before the survey closes on 31st August. It’s very simple and quick to do: it took me no more than 5 minutes to complete and send off.
May I commend this action to you and ask you to forward the request on to all your contacts to whom you believe it could be pertinent: better save than sorry.
The survey can be accessed by clicking this link. Ethanol Survey.
If you wish to read the consultation document it can be found by following this link Department for Transport consultation.…/e10-petrol-consumer-protection-and-fue…

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Re: UK Ethanol in petrol survey

Hi Horror

I just saw a bit on the news about it so today is the first time I have heard about this consultation.

My problem is as yet I haven't personally seen the damage that has probably been done to my M20 using 5% ethanol, I also haven't yet seen the resulting repair to our planet, so I don't feel qualified to comment either way.


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Re: UK Ethanol in petrol survey

I don't know what they're doing with the info received but it was quite painless. No personal details etc. Mainly how many litres(not gallons) of higher (97) octane fuel do I use. When Ethanol is added to petrol it lowers the octane level, so higher octane fuel can't have Ethanol in it. The main affect I've had with it was desolving my fibreglass Commando tank.

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