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Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51


Not anything to do with WW2 bikes but some may find interesting ! I recently had a urge to own a pre-war moped (dont ask) !

You all know the story, ebay with a bottle of red wine and the following day i get an email saying pay now please !

Not sure if i over paid but for £350 delivered from central France i now have a 1936 Peugeot P51 in my dining room :joy:

Most of the parts look original and most are not badly worn so i wonder if it was moth balled during the war.

This is what she looked like when i took ownership ..

 photo p50_zpsey6ls5pq.jpg

Re: Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51

And thanks to a lot of info from this website during my M20 build, this is where i am now..

 photo 20180429_165326_zpsd4iojkzt.jpg

Re: Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51

Off topic indeed, but it looks nice.

Re: Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51

I had a similar silly desire to own a British war-time version. I bought this 39er of ebay for £850.......Mine was whisky related:confused:
It now probably owes me far more than it's worth. Partly (maybe because of the whisky) I didn't do enough homework and found out too late that the engine had been updated to a later 40's spec:disappointed:

If you ever get to Kempton Park jumble, there is a bloke who brings a lorry load of French moped restoration projects. Ron


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Re: Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51

Thanks for the comments guys.

Ron - i will look that event up thanks, there are a couple of parts i am struggling to find such as as pedal cranks etc and hopefully i will find them eventually.



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Re: Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51

Ron, have you got a tank in the barn..?? :scream:

Re: Off Topic - 1936 Peugeot P51

Mike are you referring to the tracks? It's a 1944 MK2* universal carrier (they were formally known as 'Bren Gun Carriers' Ron

So even more off topic, but I don't care. :laughing: :laughing:

Ant the next Kempton (S.W. London) is in a couple of weeks Sat 19th. Ron

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