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Horses birthdays & the like.

A bit like horses on their own day, here in South Australia all the Old Bikes have to get their papers stamped today. An absolutely perfect day for motorcycling, so the M20 & I chuffed our way down the lightly trafficked country roads to the clubhouse to get it done. Lunch on the way back, a few positive comments from passers by & not a single prat among them. Not a bad day at all & I'm putting this on here simply because I feel like it.

Re: Horses birthdays & the like.

Hi Bob

Nice one, I like posts about people using their machines especially in other parts of the world, so keep it up and how about some pictures?


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Re: Horses birthdays & the like.

Yes sound perfect .it's cold again here with over crowed roads and inpatient drivers who have no concept of the speed and braking capabilities of these old bikes moan over ☺☺

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