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War service tax disc

Hello all,
Can anyone give me any info on war service tax discs, ie what war time vehicles were they displayed on, Would they have been on war department motorcycles/staff cars/tractor units, or on civvy home defence vehicles (jones's butchers van?) seen them on the odd M20 and a local Diamond T recovery truck, Be great to improve my knowledge,
Many thanks, John.

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Re: War service tax disc

Hi John, never seen an original, I believe they are pure fantasy made to part the gullible from their hard earned cash.

For UK service standard tax disc's were used at the beginning of the war and then a Defence of the Realm certificate was issued later, on Army motorcycles it was usually fixed inside the AB412 log book rather than displayed on the motorcycle, the RAF version may have been displayed in a tax disc holder.

For overseas service including the 21st Army group in the UK prior to D-Day a separate overseas system was used which had no disc.


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Re: War service tax disc

John I've got one 'War Service' disc and a couple of 'Defense of the realm' (RAF and RN) Artistic licence (pun intended)

I think the best bloke to ask is Poplar Greg who sells these quite cheaply and is passionate about their quality and accuracy, and seems to know the full history about them. On the right of his homepage is an image of these "special tax discs"

He's a friendly helpful guy.


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Re: War service tax disc

Thanks guys, A bit of knowledge goes a long way,
Many thanks, John

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