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Another one takes to the road!

A lovely manilla envelope dropped on my door mat this morning. With nervous and blackened fingers (I was in the middle of adjusting the BSA Trikes brakes) I opened it to find a V5C and regisrtaion number for my recently completed WM20. I've made the stencil and tomorrow will paint the reg number on the rear number plate. So I'll soon know if the box selects more than one gear.
Regardless, I am very giddy today :smile:

Re: Another one takes to the road!

I'm pleased to hear another old bike has got its registration number and although it it isn't necessary it's original number it's another vehicle that has another 70 years of life, at lest!

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Re: Another one takes to the road!

Did the first runnung in 10 miles today and all seems well (KOD). I even have all 4 gears and the 2 neutrals:wink:

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