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no oil after rebuild...

hi folks,
been away from motorcycles for a few months while I do "life" things. Before my break, I rebuilt my WM20 top end and everything seems to have gone very well. Except...

I no longer have oil flow. My guess is that I've dropped some goop or something in the bottom end while refitting the cylinder and it has blocked the oil pump. So, I'm going to remove the pump and try to find it. Does anyone have any advice on where to look for the crud? Is there a usual place these pumps get blocked? Any help very much appreciated...


Re: no oil after rebuild...

These pumps are made of Mazak material and can swell and seize if left for long periods. You will have to remove the timing cover to get the pump off, so check the teeth on the driving worm gears are not stripped. With the pump in your hand, you should be able to turn the drive dog freely. If not! Come back for further advice on how to recommission it. Ron

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