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ignition timing

My M20 came with a magneto housing which sadly missed it's innards .
I want to modify a jap electronic ignition to provide the sparks ,as is often done here in Thailand . I do however want to keep the manual advance & retard .
I know to set the ignition at 7/16 "/ 11,1 mm BTDC in fully advanced position . But can anyone tell me what the correct position of the piston is when with the ignition retarded ,i.e. when starting the engine ? Bike will run total loss, i.e no dynamo or similar .

Many thanks in advance for your replies !

Maxim Jurgens

Phuket, Thailand

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Re: ignition timing

Hello Maxim, I think 0,0 mm TDC. but why do you want to know ?


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Re: ignition timing

Hi Maxim

I would be interested to know how the electronic ignition will work with manual adv/retard.



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