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Best place to order knee pads?

...And are there different sizes?
The tank is the regular one, uncut.

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Re: Best place to order knee pads?

These knee rubber vary considerably in quality. You see them online on all sorts of websites, make sure that you get a set of the "good" quality rubbers. I am not really sure who has the best rubbers for your BSA. I have been lucky enough to still have original rubbers that are on average much nicer then some of the repro rubbers.


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Re: Best place to order knee pads?

Henk's lucky with original rubbers as in the far North of The Netherlands, the low temperatures and lack of sunlight mean that they stay in good condition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The supplier with the best mouldings in the U.K. is Jeff Hunter but he doesn't have a website. His 'rubbers' though are made with a could-cure system and are not true rubber (they don't smell right and they wear differently) but they look very good.

Unfortunately, he's not really geared-up for internet sales. If you 'Google' his hame with 'motorcycle' and 'rubber' though, you'll find his contact details

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