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BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

A friend of mine Gary has recently bought this M20,its been off the road 55 years,last tax disc is dated 1963,it has matching frame an d engine numbers WM20 101362,it has a later hinged type rear mud guard,and a few wrong or missing bits,but it has most of its original parts,it still has traces of the original olive green paint under the black. Sump guard was in pannier bag,which is 1944 dated. Engine number matches frame number. Front tyre is dated 8/45,speedo cable still has original clip. Longer type forks with spacer fitted between mud guard and fork trumpet (above photo) Last tax disc,speedo is original. WD marking on HT lead. Original seat came with bike,srings are wrong.

Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

Very nice bike, should be easy to put back on the road again.


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Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

Change of oil, splash of petrol and it'll be grand.

Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

That's how you like to find them. Any idea of its post-war registration and demob date ?

Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

Great condition!, rusty but not rotten. Amazing the panniers bags survived that well! Good luck with restoring!

Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

amazing bike
i think it is for about 90% complete.
the terminal on the ht lead is for the klg sparkplugcap,a pitty that it is gone.
suscces with restoring

Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

I can't find it in the post war key cards, which may mean it was sold off before the new late 1940s registrations came in.

Nice project though.


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Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

There are times when the best restoration tools are a can of WD40 and some clean rags, this one but please if you value life change the tyres!

Re: BSA 1944 WM20,off the road 55 years!

Change all the oils spark plug and lead,remove carb, and thoroughly clean,reset to factory settings, now take off petrol tank and taps change corks, and clean out tank , test for leaks ,I would use paraffin or diesel for this test wait a few hours to see if you have a creeping leak,by leaving on newspaper, if no leaks drain tank repeat if dirty or rusty using clean diesel now check wiring for signs of bodging or mouse nibbling , rewire if at all dodgy, if ok test with a new battery , the lights switches horn make sure a low amp fuse is in circuit,,other wise you might have a fire on your hands, replace tank,, clean and adjust points ect prod for sparks for it sparks well , if not, mag off and get it rebuilt correctly,if ok put a small; amount of fresh petrol in and prod away, Good luck , if you can get it run , change engine oil after an hour of running

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