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Norton parts lists


over the years I have found spare parts lists for Norton 16H:
C5109 (frame W1000-6999) (20 p.) + proprietary list
C5612 (frame W7000-10999) (20 p.)
C6653 (frame: 18001-22000) (24p.) + proprietary list
C7353 (frame W26001-43000) (22 p.)
C9062 (frame: 43001-44893) (22p.) + proprietary list
C11082 (frame W60001-70000) (15 p.)
No. 20 B.; C12426 (frame W70001-76000) (15 p.)
No. 20 C.; C14498 (frame: W78001-83000) (15 p.)
S5161 (frame W90001-96000 (16 p.)

16H RAF spares list; illustrated (20 p.)
No. 28 B.: 16H and sidecar (15 p.)

I am still looking for the proprietary lists: small paper lists of non-Norton made parts like saddle, ignition and lighting etc. which were inserted in the parts list and therefor quite often lost. On the eleven parts lists, I only have three of these. So if anyone has any, I would welcome a scan of them, please?

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Re: Norton parts lists

I have one for V7353

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Re: Norton parts lists

This one is from CONTRACT 294/C/6127,engine and frame numbers W14001-W18000,its illustrated,and there is a page in the back which is not part of the book with Lucas parts. The above page was in the back of the above parts list but could have been put in at an unknown date? The one below is CONTRACT 294/C/14498,engine and frame numbers W78001-W83000,its non illustrated. Below is CONTRACT 294/23/S5161,engine and frame numbers W90001-96000 its non illustrated.

Re: Norton parts lists

Does anyone out there have a copy of this Australian spare parts list for "Allied Land Forces" Nortons built in 1940? All I have images for are the cover.

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