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Going prices?

Good day everyone. Quick question - I know I’m asking how long a piece of rope is, and I know everything depends on the market, etc, etc, but was wondering what the going prices for a headlight black out mask and Volkes filter are? I’ve looked on line and they seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth, but would like to have an idea what they cost so that I can move on something when it does come up.

Thanks guys.

Re: Going prices?

Sat genuine Vokes on here was from Baastian and he was asking £500.
Rare is an understatement.SCOTT

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Re: Going prices?

What, when and where are you intending to portray, Anthony ? Vokes filters were only listed as standard fittings very late in the war and this was probably as most contracts specified 'suitable for the tropics'. They seem to have been removed from machines that were sent for service in N.W. Europe. They can seem 'essential' for a WD motorcycle but if you begin to search for photographic evidence, it becomes clear why there are so few around.

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