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Key for gearbox mainshaft

I am missing this key and would like to know the size and the shape of it. It is the one that supports the clutch basket on this shaft.
I do not want to order overseas as I have no patience… will manufacture one or search over here.
Any help will be much appreciated. Have a nice weekend all.

Re: Key for gearbox mainshaft

I found this info over here under "BSA M type gearbox":

"K139 mainshaft key, C10-M24 & G14 (7/32” x 7/32” square x 5/8” long, rounded ends, goes in milled slot in clutch taper of mainshaft)"

"2-433 Gearbox key, mainshaft, Identical 1948 and later key for M box. Replacements can be quickly made from industrial key steel 7/32” x 7/32” square, cut to length and file or grind ends."

And BritishOnly does not recognize any difference at all between the 2 that Draganfly differ from each other:

How can I know what will fit?

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