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M21 hub spacers

Good morning,
The guys on BritBike suggested I try this site with my question, so here goes.

I'm busy restoring a 1955 M21 which I received in a dismantled state and, as you all know, there are inevitably bits missing.

At this moment I am short of several wheel hub spacers. I could order these and wait several months for them to get through our hopelessly backlogged customs office, or I could turn them up on the lathe at work in 5 minutes flat.
If only I had the dimensions...

So, in the expectation that I'm not the first person to want to make these simple parts, I wonder if anyone happens to have the dimensions of the following for my 7" front hub and 7" rear crinkle (plunger) hub:

Firstly the simple tubular distance collar which fits under the nut on the right hand end of the front hub (65-5890), and
the two similarly shaped collared tubular distance pieces which sit either side of the right hand cover plate on the rear hub. (67-6066 and 67-6077).

I would probably be able to deduce the sizes by measuring the spaces in the assembled hubs, but would always have a question mark about whether I had allowed the correct clearances and so forth.

Thanks in advance (and in hope!)



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