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new website photo

Great photo Henk,
Not seen that one before.
I assume its a captured bike by the registration number and the K98 Mauser rifle leaning up against it.
not sure of the markings painted on the front guard
Do you know anything about the background for the photo?

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Re: new website photo

The Norton appears to be a 1939 civilian model 16H. It could be an ex-BEF 'Impressed' model - a number were assembled from factory stocks and supplied to the War Office 'off-contract', but it could have been stolen anywhere in Europe. The Scandinavian countries in particular were a large market for Norton pre-war.

The front brake is on the right-hand side, with what appears to be an intact speedo drive which suggests that it's not a botch-job. there are no fork 'snubbers' and perhaps most tellingly, it has the shorter brake lever and more rearset footrests of the 'civvy' model. The battery carrier has a modified cover but seems to have started life with a'T' shaped battery.

Civilian models had a 1" taller frame. It's difficult to see from this photo but the engine looks quite low at the front so probably has the lower ground clearance.

The poor thing is unlikely to have survived its trip to Russia !


Re: new website photo

That photo is on at the moment.


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Re: new website photo

Has anyone put an british bike into german markings yet,

email (option): warbikes at gee male dot com, think about this folks

Re: new website photo

The Germans did. They paid dearly for it.

To my mind anyone doing so now would probably be crossing the line between between 'tribute' and 'fanboy'.

Re: new website photo

Appears to me to be a vehicle of the Divisional headquarters of the 225th Infantry Division. Involved in the invasion of Belgium and occupation duties there till they were sent to Russia at the end of 1941. They did indeed get smashed there and ended their war in 1945 in Kurland pocket.

Re: new website photo

Re: new website photo

Thanks guys,
Once more you manage to highlight just how much knowledge is available on here (and how little I possess 🤓)
Most interesting.

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