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BSA M20 in Myanmar

Hi All

I’ve just discovered this forum a few hours after discovering what I’m told is an M20!

I work in Myanmar and on my travels, I discovered the following bike. The owner tells me it’s an M20 & from what I can see online it may well be. However the hand gear change seems unusual and I’m wondering if the engine is from another bike?

My bikes are normally more modern than this, but I must say I’m quite interested in it: It IS for sale but the starting price is quite high so it’d be interesting to know what it’s worth too.

Any info appreciated!








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Re: BSA M20 in Myanmar

Well, it certainly started off as a military M20 and it looks as if the brass contract plate is still under the more recent rear number plate bracket. That the plate is brass suggests that the cycle parts may be earlier than the engine.

The botched-on hand gear change is somebody's Harley fantasy I think.

In UK terms it is a project bike but what would you want to do with it ? Motorcycles in the Middle and Far East are often kept running by any means possible which doesn't always make them easy restoration projects.

What is expensive ? In the UK and Europe, any running M20 will probably find someone willing to pay £3000 plus for it...Whether that's what they're 'worth' is another question altogether.

Re: BSA M20 in Myanmar

Unable to view. As soon as picture shows it gets covered in junk by photobucket commercial

Re: BSA M20 in Myanmar

Indeed, very irritating

Re: BSA M20 in Myanmar

Sorry about the photobucket pop-ups😤

You can close them but it was extremely annoying just to try and log in!

I’m passing by again in a few days to have a look at a 1932 military Harley the chap has got😱

He wants 3000$ for the M20, but I suspect that’s just a starting price. It’s far too small for me, but I was wondering about buying it to restore or pass on to one of my mates who’s not here at the moment. He’s certainly interested in the Harley as he owns one in the UK. The decision is whether to do it up enough to make it useable here or ship it home...
I’m not interested in making any money on it, but it’d be nice to see it restored(although the rat-bike look is very ‘in’ at the moment I gather🙄), and it’d be a shame to lose the patina of years...

As you say, any old vehicle here has in the past been kept going by any means, however that changed a few years ago when import restrictions were lifted. A lot of old stuff has disappeared, either scrapped, restored by rich locals or shipped abroad.
We ourselves operate a fleet of 8(?) Chevy/Ford CMPs and every one of them is different, so we know all about local ingenuity!

Anyway thanks for the info so far, and I’d appreciate any more😉

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Re: BSA M20 in Myanmar

OK, let’s try agin with Flickr🙄

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Re: BSA M20 in Myanmar

If it's anything like my M21 that additional handchange may be to get the bloody thing into neutral when stationary

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