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What#s a realistic price for a gearbox?

An acquaintance has a complete working gearbox with single spring clutch that is surplus to requirements. Neither of us has a real idea what the asking price should be. I’ve had a look at fleabay and a few dealers (Stuart Bray etc ) but I don’t know if they are realistic prices quoted. For example 400 quid for a bare box which need overhauling.

If anyone has an idea what would be a reasonable price I would be grateful for any help.

The last time I managed to buy a complete box was at Stafford about 10 years ago, for 100 quid and I threw the cash at him and ran away with it before the seller could change his mind!

Here’s the box. If anyone is interested I have more pictures.



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Re: What#s a realistic price for a gearbox?

You'd do better separating the clutch from the gearbox and selling it separately IMO...
Regarding value I'm reluctant to say what it's worth as any potential buyer here wouldn't thank me if my estimate was too high for them.....The seller is supposed to fix the price after all...

However, I would say that £400 for a gearbox is considerably more than I would pay personally at the moment...Unrestored swinging arm BSA boxes, which are equally sought after, can be bought at a jumble for £150-£200...

Gearboxes generally have gone up in price but as usual the asking price tends to follow the last highest price seen on e bay and I feel many boxes are over priced as a result...

Good examples of M20 boxes are getting harder to find and that affects price but I find the market today is so variable that 'This thing costs this much' doesn't apply in the way it did in the past...E bay bidding, for example, can result in huge price variations from day to day...Ian

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