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M20 project test ride

I just wanted to share a video of a restoration I did for Rememberance day last fall.
I've had my M20 for about 10 years and finally got around to this project resto. This website has a great data base these days and sparked my project interest again. Information like keycards was not available back in 2006.

Take care

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Re: M20 project test ride

Do you live in the woods Sean:smiley: Ron

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Re: M20 project test ride

This old indian trail is up the Niagara escarmpent in Hamilton Ontario Canada.
Video orientation has been corrected, sorry about posting it sideways.

It was a challenging video,did that one handed using my cell phone.

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Re: M20 project test ride

Some data I collected over the years.

BSA build contract S5209 – 36, for this contract they used tank number from C5545518 up to C5557517. This BSA M20 had tank number C5555821 when it left the BSA factory in 1944.

It saw post war military use in Singapore. After the war it had post war military registration number 23ZC60. This information comes from the post war military key card 508b.

Frame number is 115 121
Engine WM20 24058 (RB2158)with M65 acceptance mark from June/July 1940
Spare Engine WM20 56026

Approximate timeline events.
Fall 1944 left the BSA factory.

January 3 1949 gearbox replaced marked SCT/3/1/49
Casing number 66-3030

August 24 1950 engine replaced with RB2158 at the REME heavy shop#12 in

(Note pre 1948 REME shop was located in the town of Mentakab in Temerloh District, Pahang State approx 355kms north of Singapore, after 1948 the REME shop #12 was moved to Ipoh city, Perak State 556kms north of Singapore.)
(REME Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers tradesmen being employed in a variety of units with the task of keeping the relevant equipment battle worthy/fit for role/purpose. More complex repairs or heavy maintenance was carried out in dedicated exclusively REME units known as Workshops, these often specialised in a particular type of military equipment).

July 31 1957 recovered, s/o from the British Singapore Federation army.

May 31 1961 s/o disposal surplus, last known post-war use was FAR contract.(Far East).

October 2 1971 registered Croydon, London, UK

Purchased in 1986 from a gentleman who lived in Stoney Plain, AB who had brought it over with him from England when he emigrated. 

December 16 2003 motorcycle MOT ownership registered in Sherman Park, Alberta.

June 11 2006 ownership registered in Hamilton.

Test ride, November 2017 after restoration.

Note: A frame with no WM20 and only a serial number. Typically new restamped frames that came out of stores to replace a damaged/scrapped frame weren't stamped until it was allocated to the bike. Then only the old frame serial number of the scrapped frame was stamped into the new frame to keep the war documents in order and avoid any duplicate serial numbers in service.

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