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Frame spacers

Hi on the wm20 I am finishing off, the lower most frame bolt that passes through the downtube the front of the rear frame and the engine plates appears to be too long. Is there a spacer to fit in here somewhere and if so what is the thickness of it and where does it go. Ie in-between which parts.

Re: Frame spacers

Hello Grahame.

No spacer is required there.
However, I believe the bash-plate is also need to be threaded with this bolt, if you have one,
So maybe these 4-5mm are what you have extra of.


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Re: Frame spacers

Hi Noam
Sorry I should have put that it is the front down tube, I understand what you mean by the bash plate and yes this is being fitted but this bolt passes through the rear down tube.

Re: Frame spacers

Hi Grahame,

Yes, I was referring to the front down tube,
As that is where the rear frame ends.

The bash plate should have 2 brackets at the rear of it, 2 brackets at the front of it,
And one "U" clip hugging the front down tube about an inch from the bottom, if I remember correctly.
Here is s photo (Reproduction) from eBay:


Hi again Grahame.
I have just checked.

The first version was mounted with 4 side brackets as version 2 but without the front loop bracket,
As I found when searching the forum.
You might have the newer version, hence no front brackets...
Check out the photos here:

Best regards,

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Re: Frame spacers


I have seen several M20's with the later style sump plate with the shouldered nuts plus a spacer mounted outboard as shown below.
This photo was from the forum at some point in time so someone else will probably chime in but is this difference in stud length what you are referring to?

My first M20 that I have had since 1971 and a NOS frame I have both have this added spacer with the shouldered nuts fitted 'backwards' to what they would be with the earlier sump plate fitted.

PS. I just measured two - one is 0.246" and the other 0.248" so you couldn't be far off making it 1/4" thick.

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