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Triumph 3HW and other saddle studs.

For those with Triumph WD models the photo below shows the three types of saddle stud used,on the left are pre war and early war type,used on Tiger 70,80,2H,3H,twins etc,but also on the 3SW,5SW,and very early 3HW,they are 2 3/8 inch long and are used with the longer saddle spring,the one in the middle is for the universal saddle springs and is 5 inch long and is tapered from 3/8 inch down to 5/16 inch (as is the early type)where it fits in the spring,the one on the right is post war and is fitted to TRW models and is 6 inch long and 3/8 inch at both ends,the left hand studs are used items,the right hand studs are NOS items. The photos below show the universal springs used with the middle 5 inch stud shown above for 3HW models.

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