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Clutch plate’s thickness?

Does someone know the correct/minimal thickness of those plated? Steel and friction?
The bike is an M21 with a single main spring in the clutch.
BTW – how do you guys do it with avoiding oil to enter the basket? Is cork 66-3813 enough?

Re: Clutch plate’s thickness?

The fibre plates are .093" thick when new...The steel plates are 18 gauge steel, so .048" thick...

Check that the face of the clutch bowl is flat where the gasket sits. They tend to get distorted around the screw holes after a lot of use...Dress out any deformation with a hammer/file etc. to make the joint face as flat as possible..

Use a good gasket and seal with silicone...If oil gets into the clutch it is usually through this joint I find...I haven't fitted the main shaft cork seal for years and don't have any problem with oil contamination...

If you do fit a new cork seal soak it in light oil for a few days before fitting and put it into the recess in the back of the clutch sleeve...Then fit the sleeve to the shaft...If you try to fit the cork directly to the shaft you will probably split it...Ian

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Re: Clutch plate’s thickness?

Thank you!

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