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Another picture puzzle.....

This month's CMV magazine has an article about a 44th Lowland Division "DR" who campaigned through Normandy and Holland in '44 (on an M20.....using the same one through 11months of front line service) I was interested in the photo below of him and his "DR" mates, the two on the left wearing helmets and visors. Are these gas eyeshields? They look more substsntial than the eyeshields I have seen. Not seen a photo of these before. Would make a better bet for us spectacle wearers than the usual goggles.

Re: Another picture puzzle.....

The Territorial 44th Division was 'Home Counties' - The 'Lowland' division was the Scottish 52nd Division (distinguished by the 'Mountain' title - The 51st 'Highland' Division weren't mountain trained...)

They could well be wearing a later mark of anti-gas eye shield. It was certainly common practice amongst motorcyclists and MT drivers in 1940.


There are plenty of NOS gas eyeshields around but the acetate doesn't seem to have coped well with storage and optically they're pretty dreadful.

I have a pair of the thin-armed 'respirator' spectacles with prescription lenses and they fit quite happily under standard MT goggles.

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