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Bsa factory finishes

Am getting read for paint & other fittings preparation

One of the matters not entirely clear to me at this time is the finish of some components from factory - these are identified by the relevant digit after the main part reference

Example: 66-9078/11

Listed below are what I know - I had thought I brought this Eup before but couldn’t find the thread

Bike is a 1940 M20 deluxe & finishes listed are
Cadmium = /1
Dull Chrome = /2
Rust Proof Black = /6
Black enamel = /7
Khaki Green no 3 = /11

Does anyone have any more additional finish reference information?

Many thanks


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Re: Bsa factory finishes

I don't know what is applicable to that specific bike but the Master Price List 1927 to 1948 has these extra ones (I added the Gas Proof to /11.)

/3. Bright Chrome.
/4. Dull Green Dutch,
/5. Sand /Egyptian/.
/8. Service Green (Matt).
/9. Green Enamel,
/10. Khaki Green.
/11. Khaki Green (No 3 Gas Proof)
/12. Chrome Plate and Devon Red, Lined Gold.
/13. Chrome Plate and Matt Silver, Lined Black.
/14. Chrome Plate and Blue, Lined Gold.
/15. Chrome Plate and Green, Lined Gold.
/16. Matt Silver, Lined Black.
/17. Chrome Plate and Black, Lined Gold.


Re: Bsa factory finishes

There was me about to reply "1972"

Re: Bsa factory finishes

THanks Ray

That’s great to have


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Re: Bsa factory finishes


Mostly the catalogue listed finish is considered the default
Thus the suffix only got used when you wanted an alternative finish like "Black-no chrome".
Or if they were reusing anold part from a previous model that was a different finish when used before.
SO if you are trolling through parts books trying to work out what finish your bike had, finish suffixes will be of little use.

And BSA being BSA they did not always do this.
The 1940 finish was of course matt silver & chrome plate

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