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C7287 bike

Hi all.
I have question here. Part list for C7287 shows both front and back number plate (black enamel coated) but on all period photos I found I see none.

Thank you!

Re: C7287 bike

Hi Kalle.

My bike of contractnumber 7287 also has only the rear numberplate. I guess this was the largest contract with 17.000 bikes. Possibly an error in the parts list?

Regards, ramon:sunglasses:

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Re: C7287 bike

Hi! So does anybody have an idea when number plates were cancelled? Many 7287 bikes have just a triangular rear lamp holder.

Re: C7287 bike

Spare parts lists were ordered and typeset when the contracts were placed and therefore often fail to reflect changes. The highest number that I can identify as having front and rear number plates is C4341899 which is very early on in the contract and dates from around August 1940. C4342052 doesn't seem to have had any.

Norton seem to have fitted them well into 1941 so they were probably allowed to use up stocks.

Re: C7287 bike


Thank you! What would be the frame number for C4341899?


Re: C7287 bike

I calculate WM20 25307.

This is the photo, by the way.

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Re: C7287 bike

Don't know... The front numberplate on C4341899 doesn't look like the typical BSA front numberplate, and this bike appears to have a tax disc? Don't think it is representative for the other motorcycles from this contract...


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Re: C7287 bike

Yes, I think that you could be right, Jan. Front and rear number plates retro-fitted to comply with local requirements.

Further research takes us back to C6654.

Here is C4199575 (WM20 24063) looking quite new and with no signs of a front numberplate ever having been fitted.


The last BSA type front plate that I can see is on C4199268 (WM20 23756). Although a bit battered and a later rear lamp fitted, this does look like an original plate.


Prior to this, number plates appear to be standard.

Re: C7287 bike

Hi, thank you all!

So I see that WM20 297xx was probably without number plates.

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