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M20 Clutch problems

Hi All

Just as i thought i had got to know my clutch i have found an issue :smiley:

I have just fit a new set of friction plates and as they were thicker than standard i have run with one friction/one steel plate less.

When run on the stand the bike engages and disengages gear fine but pulling the clutch in whilst in gear does not disengage drive and the back wheel still spins. To stop this from happening i have to wind out the cable so far that the pivot shaft on the gear box is tilted in. This disengages the drive but gives me slip when clutch is out. Its almost as if the push rod is not long enough now ? or am i talking rubbish ?

Before i strip the clutch again and try the extra plate have i missed something obvious ?

Many thanks


Re: M20 Clutch problems

There is an extensive article in the technical section covering clutch problems...It sounds like your is 'dragging'....

Correct clutch adjustment, correct cable adjustment (noting that adjusting the cable is not the way to adjust the clutch), out of square lift of the plates, plate thickness etc. may all be factors....

I'd read the article to try and get a firm understanding of the principles involved...Making any adjustments without understanding the interplay between the various parts is 'shooting in the dark'....Ian

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Re: M20 Clutch problems

Hi Ian

Yep i set the clutch up using that article first but then couldnt help but faff !

With it set up as per the article using the adjuster to set the vertical position i still have the same issue that the clutch drags.

I read the last line on drag about changing the push rod length and wondered if that was what i needed to do.



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