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advance on start

Had 10k in test runs on my m20 .Lately it seems a little advance stops it sneezing on start up.After a run it idles just fast enough to walk away on full retard.It goes ok the gearbox is a puzzle. The longer gear lever helped.Gearboxes get a memory this one likes to start in second then to forth tap it into third for a hill.Theres a big nuetral around top gear it can be hard select and can slip out.

Re: advance on start

Hi Mark I'm not sure how these gear box's are suppoed to be if I can fit from 1 at to 4 th and back without missing a gear in to well .The best way I can describe it is feel your way though the gears and slowly place it in gear I can feel when it right before I release the clutch .mine also seems to go passed 3rd if I'm not careful in to a nutraul spot between 3rd and 4th so I have to click it back up to 3rd.Also she likes to be slowed right down to go back down the gears.I'm sure some good people on here will put us straight but please don't say my gear box is knackered I've enough problems 😁😁😁😁😁

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