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Matchless WD | Oil Pipes (Wall Thickness)


I am now in the process of making oil lines for a Matchless WD. If I am right they are 3/8 identical lines for both the Feed and the Return.
Now it looks like that these 3/8 lines have different wall thickness(Different Gauges or internal diameter)
Please let me know what the exact internal diameter is?
Also is there a definite shape for this? I presume that this will be slightly different for different motorcycles based on gearbox and footrest position.

Please advice and help me in this regard

Pratap Henry

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Re: Matchless WD | Oil Pipes (Wall Thickness)

Pratap a piece of standard 3/8" copper pipe I have here has a wall thickness of .75mm giving a bore of around 8mm.

I think the routing of the Matchless oil lines leave a bit to be desired, but the G3L pipes would all have been produced to the same shape, which are hampered by the inboard foot rests. They loop round behind the gearbox to give clearance for adjusting the primary chain, But I have seen them being fowled by the gearbox adjuster when I guess the chain is at the end of it's life.

The oil lines have male fittings to the engine and one male and one female at the tank.


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Re: Matchless WD | Oil Pipes (Wall Thickness)

Thanks a lot Ron. I am in the process of finding the oil lines. Will keep you updated on the progress


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