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new bearings for my M21 project

I've been reading through all forum posts on bearings lately and found the threads all 'stopped' years ago.

I'm new here but not new to the M20 at all. I bought mine I think it was in '84 from a chap's widow somewhere in Kent. Apparently the 'chap' had just died from a heart attack trying to kickstart his bike. No wonder she wanted to get rid of it. I fixed the problem and have been riding it ever since. Until recently it was my only bike. I am what you'd call a long distance rider. Love to travel all over Europe doing rallies that cover hundreds of miles at least. 2000 miles in a (long) weekend is definitely my kind of fun!

But after some 30+ years of fun I finally managed to ruin my bigend.
And now it's time for some change. A long time ago, when I was doing England on the bike, I bought a 1952 M21 block and took it home on the back of my M20. That sure was a funny ride with all my camping gear for a multiple week trip and no steering damper!! but I got home safely. Home is Holland by the way, Henk Joore is practically my neighbor.

Reading Ian's story on "a little more power" got me triggered and now I'm thinking of either putting the M21 into my M20 frame (so much for the matching numbers ) or building a sort of marriage between my M20 crankcase and the M21 internals. Just to keep the looks of my old plodder unaltered, I'm quite attached to those

So now I have some questions that I would like to post here although they are probably all straight for Ian

The one for this thread (I'll ask the other ones in a new thread) is about bearings. I'm wondering what the current situation is. I asked Henk and he said "ask Ian" so here it is. (I thought I'd do it on the forum rather than in a PM so everybody can benefit)

I want to put in a full new set of bearings, main and big end.
Checking with all the usual suppliers I find that most of them have bearings but the prices vary widely and there is no mentioning of brands or quality of any sorts. What's your opinion? Where to buy and where not to buy? That's the question!
Henk suggested that you (Ian) might even have some for sale ...

That's it for now. The rest of my questions involve cylinders and pistons etc. but I'll start a new thread for those. ... tomorrow ... Jaap

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Re: new bearings for my M21 project

I don't sell bearings generally, now I have retired..I did have a batch of the timing side roller bearings manufactured to ensure a good quality bearing...

Mail me off forum to discuss current availability...I may be able to help...Ian

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