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Tyre Spoons

I found a pair of tyre spoons at a flea market (like a jumble or boot sale) recently. Both 7" long, both marked MADE IN ENGLAND 273 on the shank. On the flip side, marked DUNLOP followed by TL13, possibly, and the other indiscernible. I don't hold out any hope for me lucking upon the precisely correct "Tyre Levers (Spoon Type)" from the WDM20 toolkit, but I was wondering if someone would please identify the vintage for these and possibly what motorcycle they were issued with.

And if the WDM20 spoons were marked, how were they marked? (Examples don't show markings, and original documentation does not say.)

Re: Tyre Spoons

I'd be surprised if anyone knows. There are very few actively researching toolkits and any found could well have post-war replacements in.

The spoon ends seem to vary. I think they were just whacked under the hammer...The Made in England 273 marking looks a little modern to me but most of us (even the fussy ones) would quite happily put them in a kit I think.

Dunlop seems the most likely make but neither Norton nor Enfield illustrate them well and the WD lists just refer to tyre levers, spoon type - not even a length.

I tend to put the best that I can find in a kit and then maybe replace if I find one that I prefer - There may be no logic to that, sometimes just a 'feel' that an item is more 'right' or 'period'. It's difficult to explain.

Re: Tyre Spoons

Thanks for your assessment, Rik.

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