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data plates

Hey mates,

I'm looking for photos of Data Plates, contract plates, Ministry of supply plates, REME plates and tags to build a collection of them for a chapter of my book.

If you have any on your bike, I'd sure like a picture.

Many thanks,


PLEASE PM me or post here.

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Re: data plates

Do you want BSA M2O or all makers plates,this one is off my 1943 3HW,its made of steel,earlier 3HWs had brass contract plates,is your book about WD motorcycles or BSAs only. The one below is off my M20 not used since 1995,its made from brass,engine no is WM2O 1OO742,frame no WM20 102543,1944 model.

Re: data plates

Robb, emails sent!



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Re: data plates

Got 3 for you Robb.


Contract plate


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