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brake linings

Just received brake linings and solid rivets for my M20. They were shipped airmail to western Canada from Russell Motors it took 40 days. That was one reason I did not like putting the shoes in the mail for exchange with mail service like that. I have not done this job before it looks like a hammer and punch job any bad pitfalls I should look out for! Bryon

Re: brake linings

Hello Bryon, does this help?

IMG 3213

IMG 3214

Good luck! Michiel

Re: brake linings

Thanks Michiel for the diagram I am afraid I cheated a bit and used an electric drill stand. The advice to use a hand drill could be from 50 or 60 years ago or maybe not. I found the hardest part was the countersinking making sure not to go right through the lining I perhaps left the rivets a bit high but good enough for a few thousands. My advice would be to exchange shoes if possible Bryon

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