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New bike just to say hello

Hi all I've been looking at the forum for a couple of weeks liked the look of them so I sent out and bought brought ? One I not a massive biker but like old British ones I also have a 73 boneville which 18 monthes later still is not on the rd what was supposed to be a quick titivation has turn into full rebuilt.I'm determined the bsa isn't going the same took her for a quick taz yesterday all seemed ok .Today changing all the oils she only had quarter of a pint in the gear box .exhaust off its knackered old welds and holes everywhere.I saw Ron's post so I will order a new one not sure to go for plain steel and paint black or chrome and blast it matt .by the way i live in Nottingham if any of you are near by.Cheers for now Andrew

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Re: New bike just to say hello

Welcome to the forum Andrew...For longevity I would go with the stainless exhaust and blast it for a dull finish...

Good luck with the M20...Once it's sorted it should give you a lot of enjoyment...Ian

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